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The Collection - Oct '18

Check out a collection of some of our favorite things right now.  You'll find anything and everything from business books and desk accessories to recipes and lifestyle gear!  We'd love to hear from you!  What are you loving right now?

The Address

Caroline’s October book recommendation! Fiona Davis’ novel, The Address, is historical fiction that tells the stories of two women, one hundred years apart, and their lives behind the walls of The Dakota, New York City’s most famous residence. Mystery, love, architecture, this has it all!



You’ll find Laura’s full of granola bars, lip balm, and crayons. Caroline’s is in her boat tote, corralling colorful pens and charging cables, and at the moment, Amy’s holds diapers and baby wipes! Bottom line - this is a beautiful, versatile, and practical item that we are loving and using All. The. Time.  


insulated shopper tote bag

Remembering to take your totes into the grocery store is the hard part, but choosing the right tote bag to get your brand in your customers’ hands is easy! Made of 80 gram non-woven, coated water-resistant polypropylene, this tote features reinforced 23" handles, a 9" gusset, zippered closure, and a front pocket. Recyclable and reusable, this bag keeps food hot or cold, making it great for grocery stores, tradeshows, markets, and much more. 



As summer wound down and September geared up, we had just started to get back into our routines. Back-to-school also meant back to weekly activities - dance, soccer, Cub Scouts, Bible studies, and all of the other commitments that we enjoy. Enter Hurricane Florence. Our region of Eastern North Carolina was impacted by the storm and the subsequent flooding. Schools were out, businesses were temporarily affected, and the routines we were just settling into were washed to the wayside. After months of planning and excitement for our 8th Annual Idea Showcase, our venue flooded as the Neuse River crested its banks and the Show was cancelled. Fast forward through a month of clean-up and here we are in October, falling back into the rhythm of the season. Each morning seems a bit chillier, reminding us that while we are enjoying these beautiful autumn days, it is time to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and a much more welcome upheaval of routines!


Gel wax Highlighter

We love that this updated classic uses a gel wax that highlights beautifully and doesn’t dry out, smear, or bleed through paper. Win-win-win-win!



Laura’s current craving. Or, more accurately, Laura’s whole family’s current craving.

This recipe is easy-peasy, quick, and the Banana Bread is absolutely delicious. We found the recipe in Joanna Gaines’ book, Magnolia Table, but you can also find it on the Magnolia blog by clicking the photograph below. YUM!